Green energy

We design, build and invest in sustainable projects.

Future projects

With knowledge and experience to expansion

SEM 1986 is a renowned engineering house focused on green energy and projects focused on wind, water, and solar exploitation while building a sustainable future for the community.

Relying on the wind, water, and solar energy, but also taking care of the environment, Croatia has the opportunity to become a green oasis of Europe.

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Thirty-five years of design, construction and supervision of more than one hundred projects.

Green energy

SEM 1986 is a renowned engineering house with innovative investment projects in the field of green energy – wind, water, and sun.
Wind farm Orjak

Construction of the Orjak wind farm on Kamešnica

Water & Hydrogen

Water bottling plant and hydrogen production

Solar plants

The solar power plant in the Dalmatian hinterland


Design and construction of eco-projects

Selected projects

SEM 1986 is focused on renewable energy projects, which bring sustainability and environmental protection to the community.

Wind farm Orjak on Kamešnica is one of the 29 macro-locations in Croatia, suitable for the construction of wind turbine.
Green Energy
Water filler and hydrogen production in the Dalmatian hinterland will strongly influence the development of the area.
The energy of the future
As an investor, main contractor, or subcontractor, SEM 1986 realized numerous hotels, villas, residential and commercial buildings, and social facilities.

Project overview

With this knowledge, experience, and innovative spirit, the engineering team builds works of high value for society and has a positive impact on the economy of the region and the state.


SEM 1986 d.d. 

Dioničko društvo za inženjering i ostale usluge 

Osobe ovlaštene za zastupanje:

Gordana Ivić, član Uprave

 Sudski registar: Trgovački sud u Splitu MBS: 060200825, Tt-12/4659-4

Godina osnivanja: 1986 g. (Društvo je kao SEM 1986 d.d. osnovano 2004.g.)

Matični broj subjekta: 1857347

Ime i sjedište pravnih osoba (banke) kod kojih se vode računi subjekta i brojevi tih računa: 

IBAN: HR 742360000 1102703671 Zagrebačka  banka d.d.

OIB: 18428856047 

Pravni oblik: dioničko društvo

Temeljni kapital: HRK 16.371.840,00

Broj izdanih dionica: 136.432 dionice

Nominalna vrijednost dionice: HRK 120

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