Commercial project

Solar power plant in Dalmatia (2020)

SEM 1986 initiated the implementation of the Solar Power Plant project in Dalmatia, the sunniest Croatian region where renewable sources investments are just starting.

  • Dalmatia is the sunniest region
  • Lower energy price
  • Creating a sustainable future
Dalmatia has the greatest potential for solar energy usage and Croatia is currently at the bottom of the scale of EU members in terms of energy produced from photovoltaic cells.
Hydrogen is an important factor in achieving the climate neutrality goal from the European Green Agenda by 2050.
Commercial project

Water bottling plant and hydrogen productiona (2021)

SEM 1986 began preparations for the construction of a water and hydrogen filling station at the source of the Ruda River, in Dalmatian Zagora.

  • Ruda – the second source of water in Croatia
  • Hydrogen – the greatest potential for decarbonization
  • Eco potentials of Croatia



Commercial project

Wind farm Orjak (2018)

In order to use the available additional energy sources, the company SEM 1986 completed the construction of the wind farm Orjak in the Dalmatian hinterland.

  • An alternative energy source
  • Macro location for wind farm construction
  • Cooperation between the local community and investors
Measurements of wind speed, direction and frequency have shown that the Adriatic is more favorable for the use of wind energy than the continental part of Croatia.
Dioklecijan Hotel & Residence is the first hotel in Split specialized in health tourism chosen as a place to say by top health experts when in Split.
Commercial project

Splitska kuća zdravlja (2013)

The first polyvalent complex for health tourism that has positioned itself on the market as an indispensable destination for high quality health service and accommodation.

  • Top health professionals
  • Diocletian Hotel & Residence 4 *
  • Services
Commercial project

Hotel Marmont (2008)

Heritage Hotel Marmont in the center of Split wins over guests from all over the world with its decor and comfort.

  • Accommodation in the center of Split
  • Category 4 *
  • Unique interior
Leaning against the 15th-century walls, the Heritage Hotel Marmont has a special charm. A peaceful terrace at the top offers beautiful views of the rooftops of the old town.
The adaptation of the Divnić Palace was a great challenge due to the restoration of the high-quality fresco, which ultimately resulted in a cooperation with the conservators.
Commercial project

Hotel King Krešimir (2017)

Hotel King Krešimir captivates guests from all over the world with its charm, and the lovely terrace has become a favorite destination of the people of Šibenik for coffee and cakes.

  • Accommodation in the center of Šibenik
  • Category 4 *
  • Unique interior
Commercial project

Villa Diocletian’s Palace (2006)

Villa Diocletians Palace is a lovely villa hidden in the bay of Supetar on the island of Brac, becoming a summer house for tourists from all over the world.

  • Accommodation in a bay in Supetar
  • Category 4 * with pool
  • Luxurious and comfortable rooms
The simulation of the drywall technique at the Villa was a real construction feat, but today it is a pearl in the Brač bay.
With the construction of the residential and commercial building Ravne Njive, SEM 1986 started a trend of building green oases on the building roof.
Commercial project

Residential and commercial building (2005)

A seven-floor residential and business building in Ravne Njive at the Split entrance that meets all needs of its tenants and legal entities is an example of a simple modern building.

  • Quality and comfortable apartments
  • Business space
  • Secured parking
Commercial project

Business center SEM (1997)

The SEM business center in Ravne Njive in Split includes business premises and warehouses with a garage and outdoor parking, in which numerous companies and crafts are located.

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Secured parking
SEM’s so-called ‘Blue building’ has become an orientation expression for the people in Split in guiding newcomers to the city.
Amorella and Isabella are twin passenger ships intended for cruises on the North Sea.
Commercial project

Boats Amorella and Isabella (1989)

SEM 1986 is proud of one of its first major projects, which included electrical work on the ships Amorella and Isabella for the Shipbuilding Industry Split.

  • Electrical installation works
  • Engineering
  • Expertise and skill


SEM 1986 d.d. 

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Gordana Ivić, član Uprave

 Sudski registar: Trgovački sud u Splitu MBS: 060200825, Tt-12/4659-4

Godina osnivanja: 1986 g. (Društvo je kao SEM 1986 d.d. osnovano 2004.g.)

Matični broj subjekta: 1857347

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